1. To offer unique products and services that will differentiate us in the tourism sector.

2. To generate prosperity at every level, fulfill the objectives of shareholders and surpass the expectations of our guests and the Sandos family.

3. To contribute to the development of the company and the destination, strengthening and positioning our brand as a potential future investment.

Our Values

1. Go Further: Committed always to be one step ahead in the constant pursuit of excellence.

2. Teamwork: Our talent is inspired to give the best of itself: together, we build achievements and make the process rewarding and fun.

3. Do The Right Thing: We are an example of human values ​​and ethics, a socially responsible company within our community and our team.

Social Responsibility Policies

1. Gender Equality Policy: We reduce occupational segregation rates in each of the positions. We provide equal opportunities to employees for the realization of work practices in other departments of the company. Nondiscrimination We do not distinguish between employees based on race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, social-economic status, nationality, or indigenous cultural expressions.

2. Anti-Discrimination Policy: There may be no distinctions made between employees based on race, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, socio-economic status, nationality and / or indigenous cultural expressions.

3. Women’s Care Policy: We do not make contract terminations during the period of pregnancy. We make sure that women during pregnancy do not carry out jobs that require considerable efforts and pose a risk to the health of the mother and the baby. We allow for two large breaks per day in the period of breastfeeding, half an hour each, to feed their children, in a suitable and hygienic place.

4. Policy Against Child Exploitation: We reject the child sex trade, so we prohibit providing information to our guests about sites or people that can give access to such practice, and we apply a protocol for detecting child abuse. We prohibit the hiring of minors who incur in the breach of articles 22 and 23 of the Federal Labor Law. In accordance with the above, if a minor were to be hired, he will do so under the conditions specified in Article 5 of the Federal Labor Law.

5. Hiring and Development Policy:We are committed to providing equal opportunities in hiring between local and foreign people. We provide facilities to the collaborator for their personal and professional growth. We promote the search for talent within the company for promotion to positions of command.

6. Recognition of Excellence Policy: We recognize and encourage employees who have demonstrated excellence in their performance, demonstrated through the corresponding internal measurement systems.

7. Policy for Respecting Cultural Habits, Rights and Traditions:We respect the habits, rights, and cultural traditions of employees and the community, so we support their preservation by promoting the culture of destiny among employees, guests, and visitors through activities.

8. Policy for our Cultural Heritage We do not participate in the illegal exhibition of original archaeological pieces, nor do we allow the purchase or sale of them. We preserve original archaeological remains. We promote constructive interaction between guests and communities in the region.

9. Policy for Flora and Fauna We do not allow the exploitation of animal species, so we prohibit the sale of photographs with animals to our guests, collaborators, and visitors. In the same way, we promote among our guests the awareness of not buying these services. We prohibit the extraction of species of flora and fauna from the region to guests, collaborators, and visitors. We prohibit the feeding of wildlife by our guests in order to avoid the negative effects that this entails.

Sustainability Policy

In Sandos Hotels & Resorts we improve all our processes, seeking a constant balance between the business, environmental and socio-cultural fields, which allows us to sustain ourselves autonomously without compromising the resources and opportunities for future growth and development. We promote in our guests, suppliers, collaborators, and community practices that allow us to efficiently use energy and natural resources, preserve and respect our cultural traditions and customs, and reduce our ecological footprint. Here you will find our Sustainability Report 

Sandos Awards and Recognitions

Sandos Hotels & Resorts strives every day to offer an unbelievable vacation to each and every one of our guests. With our excellent service, beautiful resort facilities, and sustainable practices, we have proudly received a variety of travel industry awards.

Standards for Quality of Service

1. Safety and Hygiene: Emphasis on the proper handling of food and beverages, cleaning and disinfection, and risk prevention for guests and employees.

2. Kindness and Care: Guest care with a high standard of hospitality: a sincere smile, attention to detail, and personalized service.

3. Image: Care for the impeccable image of all employees, common areas, and environment.

4. Efficiency: Implementation of policies, procedures, and standards that enhance synergy and allow for a high level of productivity and speed of service.

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